Generative Auction to own the price of the artwork.

Art Value NFT auction interface design UI UX

Art Value pioneers a unique type of auction where generative tokens are created through the auction process. 

Art Value offers an opportunity to acquire Numbers as NFT art. The project develops and explores the concept of ‘numbers as art’. Using the online auction, the more concrete concept related to the price of an artwork is directly executed and followed: the artwork’s price becomes the subject matter of the piece, making each work one of a kind. The price of artwork is explicitly exposed in the artwork. For instance, you pay 100 euros for a 100 NFT token. The token advertises your investment and you receive NFT artwork with 100 inscripted.

Each unique auction begins with empty Art Value tokens being offered for sale. The auction proceeds and the proposed auction bids change the content of art. Each next bid outbids the previous smaller numbers with a proposed higher price. The auction is won for the highest bidder and the final token is generated with the final bid price. After the auction is finished, the exact price of the winning bid will be inscripted in the token. The mechanics of the auction are very important to generating the art piece. A user can make a bid and if he wins the auction, he receives the Number token with the price imprinted in the token itself.

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